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THERMOTECH was established in U.A.E. in 1985, our firm specializes in providing services in the professional field of Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Cold Storages. THERMOTECH staffed by highly qualified Engineers and Technicians, is able to give the most reliable services to customers whoever they are Traders, Real Estate Management, Consultants or Government authorities.

THERMOTECH cold stores are made with up-dated techniques developed in the most advanced international centers to offer the best performance in food storage at lower costs per stored kilogram, temperature and programmed humidity conditions and total safety. Cold stores are designed in accordance to customers needs and manufactured with modulated panels, insulated with injected polyurethane or polystyrene foam.

THERMOTECH cold stores are specially designed for processing and storing meat fish, chemicals and food stuff. The Refrigeration equipments are designed and assembled adequately for each cold store according to their application. The small and medium size cold stores have plug-in integrated or distant units. The large size stores have their refrigeration equipment built according to project specifications which considers the components concerning to its application.

THERMOTECH also manufactures chilling and freezing tunnels (portable or site installed) which is same time products to be frozen or chilled, specially designed for products like meat, fish, chicken, ice cream and vegetables. All these tunnels have an excellent performance producing high quality frozen products with optimal cost/benefit relation.

THERMOTECH, in the industrial refrigeration field designs and builds a complete line of components using the most modern refrigeration technology, searching for energy optimization in the installation.

THERMOTECH specialize in providing Maintenance Service Contract for Central systems: Chilled water, Package unit and split systems. Our Maintenance department has been enlarged and modernized to cater for all type of services. At present we have fully equipped with Maintenance Workshop providing back-up for installation and maintenance crews.

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